Dear Burger Fans,

If you are reading this story it probably means that like most of us you like to indulge in a good burger.

This is how the story of Burger Republic began….a place where one could enjoy a great burger, made the best and freshest available ingredients.
In order to do so, we locked ourselves up in our kitchen and started cooking and testing burgers like mad scientists until we came up with our own formula of what a great burger should be.

- 100% prime Irish Black Angus beef patties
Every beef cut has its own distinct flavor, that’s why we use a blend of three different cuts in order to get the tastiest patties.
Black Angus is known for its taste and tenderness, so we just add a bit of salt and pepper before placing our burgers on the grill.

- Artisan bread
We only use fresh artisan made bread, developed in association with our baker and prepared daily.

- Fresh ingredients & home made preparations
The kitchen at Burger Republic does not have a microwave or a can opener. Every day we start all over again. Our Burgers are cooked to order and served with the freshest ingredients.

Simply put, the only frozen food we have in store is the ice cream we use for our milkshakes.

Now that you know what a great authentic burger should be like, come try one at Burger Republic. Our team awaits you!
Environmental Philosophy
Preserving and respecting the environment. At Burger Republic we believe that “we do not inherit the earth our ancestors, we borrow it our children.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) that is why:
- Our packaging is made recycled paper.
- Our cleaning products are biodegradable and have a very limited
impact on the environment.
- Our frying oil is recycled and converted into alternative fuel.
- All our drinks are served in glass bottles instead of cans.

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